About Me

My first XC meet

About Me

Hi, I’m Angie, the red braised Twinkie. I’m 16 years old Twinkie living in Shanghai. For those who don’t know, Twinkie is just another term for Chinese American- yellow on the outside, white on the inside. I love eating and cooking Chinese with my parents, but I also love a good sandwich, salad and of course, baking dessert. In fact, western desserts is where I started cooking.

Apart from cooking, I love reading, running, MUNing, traveling and history. (Yes, MUN is a verb). I’m not much of a STEAM’s person and I absolutely hate taking pictures or getting my picture taken. I grew up in the States but I have lived in Shanghai for almost 2 years now and I LOVE it. Shanghai is the best city ever and I highly recommend everyone to come visit.


My family is very important to me, I absolutely love them. I live with my mom, dad and younger brother. I would say my family is pretty Asian, especially my mom. For starters, I speak mandarin at home and mom practically lives on WeChat, talking about education. We are very invested in education, but we also value fun and free time. Overall, my parents respect my decisions are very lenient- hence the cooking blog and not more math courses.

I also have a close extended family on both sides. My mom’s sister, brother and their families both live and Shanghai and while they don’t really cook, they know pretty much every decent restaurant in Shanghai. We meet them on the weekends and I play with my cousin, who’s the real foodie. My dad’s brother’s family and my grandparents live not too far away in HuNan province, on an university campus. I love to spend Chinese New Year there with my grandparents, who were both professors in Mao Zedong philosophy. My uncle, aunt and Grandparent’s ayi are absolutely amazing cooks so there’s always good food.

Last but not least my brother. I mentioned him earlier but he deserves his own paragraph. His name is Alex, he’ll be turning 13 soon and he loves fencing, gaming, math and eating. While he does get annoying sometimes, he is a great guy and friend. He is also my official taste tester which makes him a major contributor to this blog



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