It’s 2017!!!!!!

Hi!!!!! It’s 2017 now!!!!!! The year’s really gone by fast. New Years is nothing too special for me, but it’s cool (and a bit freaky) to think about how fast time goes by. Usually, we don’t do anything to celebrate new years; however, a couple of my parents’ good college friends invited us to brunch at 唐宫 (Tang Palace) in Puxi near JiangSu rd


唐宫 is a pretty typical Cantonese style seafood with an extensive selection of dim sum. The difference is how good it is. My cousin had mentioned it a couple of times, but I was not prepared by the sheer deliciousness.




img_0256 No, these are not mushrooms. They’re bean paste filled buns.

So the dim sum was amazing, until our hosts brought out the big guns: roast pigeon


Pretty much every Cantonese restaurant worth it’s salt offers roast pigeon, but these were on a whole other playing field. They were perfectly crisp and not over salted. I could actually pick up the spices.

Of course, such a delicious spot could not escape the notice of hungry locals


Aside from the amazing food, I had a great time talking with my parents’ classmates. We covered topics ranging from hiking to China’s space program and were there until 12.

How was your New Years? Happy 2017!!!


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