Cycling in Taiwan

Hello! I’m back from Taiwan. It was AMAZING!!!! My family, and 12 others, biked over 270km over the course of 5 days and passed some epic views. This post, I’ll give a brief overview of what we did, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

20161227_114903_resized (our route)

We started in Yilan county, rode a train down to Taitung, then rode our way back up along the coast.


The biking wasn’t hard for the kids, but there were two very long uphills (4km and 5km) that everyone climbed as families. Many of us teenagers balked at the idea at first; however, in the end, we all rode alongside our parents- encouraging them and making sure they didn’t quit. All the families made it. Not only that, the coaches said our group was the fastest in the program’s history


It all went downhill after that. Everyone was relieved.



It was the rainy season so I was worried about the weather, but……

img_0127 img_0131

(that was actually the last day. It was hot. The other days when we were cycling were cool and cloudy)

We ended the cycling at the start of the SuHua highway. Group Pic!!!!!!

That’s it for this post! Happy Holidays and see you tomorrow!


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