Hi!!! Long time no post!!! It’s been a pretty hectic three weeks. On the 3rd- 4th was my first MUN Chairing experience, the following week I had 3 finals; that weekend, I took the ACT and finished finals on Wednesday. I’m happy to say I’m done!!!!!114a1ced8e2fffdd218ee9c37b3da7e6

Grades came out yesterday and I’m equally happy to say I snagged a 100 in English, 99 in science, 96 in Spanish and AP World. The only disappointment was math (85), but I still have an A so:

55655919 (That cat looks just like mine)

Anyways, next week, I’m headed to Taiwan so expect some epic food porn when I get back. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!



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