Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

Hi!!! It’s 2 days after Thanksgiving so I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey, pies and family time.

What did my family do? Well, there was a bit of a last minute change of plans. We were going to help host a charity dinner like last year, but the team never got together. So, no turkey. Instead, we decided to go out for dinner and eat some roast suckling pig. After a long search for a decent restaurant, my dad brought us to the Golden Jaguar Buffet.


The buffet was huge, almost mazelike. There were choices ranging from Hong Kong style marinated meats to mushroom soup to dim sum to, of course, roast suckling pig. There was also Japanese hot pot, habachi and even vietnamese salads. While there were many (too many) choices, the actual quality of the food was mediocre, as can be expected from a buffet. Nevertheless, I still ate WAY too much meat. I found the suckling pig quite disappointing; the actual skin had no seasoning. The servers wouldn’t give me any meat, and by the time my dad did get a hold of some, I was stuffed There were a few standouts: steam pot mushroom soup, grilled fish and papaya salad.

20161125_181944_resized 20161125_182029_resized

The atmosphere wasn’t too great either. The place was quite empty. It had neither the intimate feel of an Western elegant restaurant nor the excitement of a good Chinese one. I definitely would not recommend it for small gatherings. It might work for a group of 6-10 though. The highlight of the restaurant was definitely the service. Although it was a buffet, the staff were very helpful and accommodating as well as very prompt at clearing plates. When we left, the entire staff bid us goodbye.

Overall, we had a great time and a very happy Thanksgiving. Let the holidays begin!



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