XiBei: I Love “You”

Hi!!! Quick update: I AM A CHAIR!! IN A SECURITY COUNCIL!!! For those who don’t know a chair in MUN is like a boss in a committee. They decide when people speak and stuff like that. Soo……. we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants: XiBei



XiBei is a lively and VERY popular restaurant on the 4th floor of Lianyang Plaza (actually adjacent to 捞王). It specializes in north western Chinese cuisine (西北). Northwestern cuisine is hearty, with lots of lamb and other meat for that matter. While the grilled meat is to die for, XiBei’s real claim to fame is its 莜面(pronounced: you mian aka hull less oats). XiBei actually managed to make it into A Bite of China and the UN. Well, enough introduction, to the food!!!!



We were only a group of 4, so we couldn’t really order much. No regrets about what we did order

Grilled Lamb Leg (Stick)


Grilled Lamb Skewers


Pickled Radish


莜面 short noodles

img_0018 This is the mushroom broth variety, it also comes in lamb broth, beef broth and a couple of other flavors

What we didn’t order but I highly suggest

House-made Tofu, Braised Ox bone, Spicy lamb spine, Dumplings………


Two words: Loud and Lively; like a proper, good Chinese restaurant. It’s very casual with simplistic furniture and open spaces. My favorite part is the open kitchen (picture above). You can actually see them grill the meat, steam the bread and make the dumplings


XiBei has some of the best service I have ever experienced, both in terms of speed and attentiveness. After ordering, your table’s waiter will literally put his hand across his heart and say some oath that all the food is natural and that everything will get on the table by 25minutes


They even have a timer for it. If all the food doesn’t arrive within 25min, you get a free yogurt. Pretty neat.

Overall Impression

Once again, XiBei did not disappoint. I am very glad to live so close


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