Salted Duck Eggs

Guess what…..

yep, my last exam , Trig, was on Friday. I’m FREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that said, onto the food

This post is 40 days in the making. Behold……. Salted Duck Eggs!!!! Check these babies out


Salted duck eggs are a common delicacy in China. They are basically duck eggs marinated in salt water for a little more than a month then boiled. In that time, the flavour penetrates the egg and the oils from the yolk actually start to seperate. Most people, like my family, eat it with their congee or steamed buns, but they are also commonly found in moon cakes. This technique can be applied to all types of eggs including chicken or quail. In early May, my mom ordered 12 duck eggs so this was the perfect opportunity. I found a nice recipe (link here) and tried it out on 4 of them. Here’s the recipe:

Salted Duck Eggs


  •  4 fresh eggs or 8-10 quail eggs
  • 1 + cup water
  •  1/4 cup salt (preferably sea salt)
  • unground spices of choice


Boil the spices in the water until the flavor is infused. I used bay leaves, a few dried chilies and some cloves. Measure out one cup of the water and discard the rest. Add the salt and continue boiling until dissolved. Place the eggs in a jar and cover with the salt water. If the eggs float, add in a weight to keep them down. I put in a large chunk of ginger. Seal well and put in a cool, dry place for 30-40 days. Boil and Enjoy!!!!!


Yep, it’s that simple. We boiled them and cut one open on Friday, and check it out


Admittedly, I left it marinating too long so it was a bit salty, but it was still delicious. Anyways, Happy Weekend. Next week is Dragon Boat Festival!!!!



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