Chinese New Years Dinner!!!

February 7th was New Years Eve which meant EPIC NEW YEARS DINNER!!! Usually this would entail my uncle and grandparents spending pretty much the entire day preparing a feast of amazing traditional Hunanese dishes.


However, this year, everyone decided to take it easy so the excitement of prep work wasn’t there. I was a bit disappointed but nevertheless, the dinner was pretty epic. We managed to have 10 dishes on the table. I will share some of the highlights.


Recipe: Spicy Fish Head Soup


Recipe: Stir-fried Peppers and pork


Recipe: Egg Dumplings in soup


Recipe: Dry-wok chicken

Recipe: Bone Soup


Stir-fried cabbage

There is nothing special about this dish, but stir-fried greens are a must at any dinner. Thus I included it on my menu

After dinner, it was spent eating fruit while watching the CCTV New Years show!!!! How was your new year?


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