Homemade Yogurt

Hi!!! It’s been really busy lately and I’ve really been craving Greek yogurt. That ‘s usually not a big problem, except for three reasons: 1) its getting cold- cold yogurt in cold weather, not nice 2) one container of good greek yogurt (Swiss Premium) costs 21.5rmb(nearly $4) 3) the cheaper brands are chock full of sugar and nutritionally devoid. I really wanted my yogurt. What did I do? I did a search and made my own.

.20160125_172339_resized       20160125_172930_resized

Luckily, there was skim milk in the fridge and we had these really nice little jars, every thing was set. As for a culture, the recipes called for special yogurt culture, or a bit of old yogurt. I had neither. Instead, I used some plain old probiotic pills. They worked just as well

20160125_172436_resized So on Sunday morning, I mixed every thing into the jar, covered it and 12hrs later….. nothing. As it turns out, the bacteria need a nice warm place to ferment. Well, that was easy, I turned the oven to 45 degrees C and left it overnight (8hrs)

20160125_172751_resized It was still a bit watery in the morning so I left it in for another 10hrs. By the time I came home at 5, it was perfect!!!!

Notes: This recipe works with any kind of milk, however, if you are using an unsweetened milk substitute (soy milk, almond milk, etc), be sure to add 1/2 tsp or so of sugar to feed the bacteria. Also, the longer it ferments, the more probiotics it has, but only up to 24hrs. The bacteria starts to die off from starvation after 30hrs. The yogurt comes out a bit thin, for thicker, Greek style yogurt, strain the yogurt through a filter. Enjoy warm of cold

Homemade Yogurt


  •  1 cup milk of choice
  • 2 probiotic pills
  • sweetener, optional
  • toppings of choice


Measure out the milk and pour into a glass container (mason jar, bottle). Add 1/2tsp sugar if using milk substitute. Heat to 45-50 degrees C(105-110 degrees F) or alternately, heat until simmering and allow milk to cool to the above temperature. Remove the casing from the pills and stir the powder into the milk. Keep at 45-50 degrees C for 16-24hrs, or until the yogurt reaches the consistency and taste desired. Remove from heating and enjoy with sweetener and/or toppings of choice!!!!!




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